Monday, July 7, 2008

New twist - Photo Bus!

Here is a new twist on our photo booth. We had a Kruger's Farm wedding with an alternative crowd, so we turned my 1973 VW - Bus (that is an electric vehicle See: into the Booth! The sliding door was replaced with a curtain, and the guests sat in the hipped out rear seat. Prints came out inside the bus. Here are some photos and video! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I had a vanagan for years, wish I would have thought of that! I was just looking up photobooths around Lake Tahoe or Reno since we're here and we try to get a photbooth pic everywhere we go. Your blog is super cute! I love Portland, too!
Ta! d.

Sacha Gilbert said...

Say, Soren,

Any thoughts about adapting Photo Bus for Picture Day at an alternative school?

A friend of sent me this link:

... And it's a pity this company is only operating in the greater NYC area:

Which made me think of you and your electric microbus photobooth.

Well maybe one doesn't exactly lead to the other, but picture day sure could be a lot more fun. Or at least a little less cringe inducing 20 year later.